Getting to “Minimum Viable Localized Product”.

What is the Minimum Viable Localized Product?

With the baseball season well-underway, we hear a lot about MVPs. The concept of the Most Valuable Player is rooted in our culture. 

In software, MVP has a different meaning: Minimum Viable Product has become a popular buzzword. Basically: what are the minimum features needed to get the product launched? 

For translation and software localization teams, this poses some challenges. What is the minimum needed to launch a product globally? What is the Minimum Viable Localized Product?  

At MondragonLingua, we can help with the translation and localization part.  But when  you’re still trying to determine the MLVP, MultiLingual Magazine has a great article that will help guide you. 

Jeff Beatty is the head of localization at Mozilla, the makers of the open source
web browser Firefox. He holds an MS in multilingual computing and localization from the University of Limerick. He has also been featured as a localization expert in prominent global publications.

It’s a great article, especially if you’re trying to be the MVP on the MVLP team…(ahem… )

And to learn more about our work in translation, visit our new website here!

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