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Translation Memory Tool

Translation Memory​

Translation Memory (TM) is a powerful means of leveraging localized content to reap cost savings and process efficiencies by saving and matching through our proprietary methods. We provide exact matching, and then go further, with discounts available for inexact matches. Most importantly, all Translation Memories are the property of the client. Meaning they can be transferred among vendors. We can use whatever you’ve translated previously to impact what you’re translating today.

Machine Translation

Technology has changed translation forever, providing methods of Machine Translation (MT) that reduce time and resource allotments while optimizing the entire translation process. Machine Translation is broken down into three different types, Rules-based, Statistical, and Neural. We utilize all three methods to best serve the complex needs of our clients.

Machine Translation Tool
Translation Management Systems

Translation Management

 A comprehensive Translation Management System includes the centralized management of Translation Memories, Terminology Databases, and ongoing costs and workloads. Managing complex projects becomes more manageable with an integrated, technology solution that makes the translation process more approachable and cost-effective.

Terminology Management

Terminology Management is performed through the creation and maintenance of glossaries and translation memories, applying these specialized programs, and creating and maintaining terminology databases of keywords and previously-translated content. 


When translating content for Medical Devices, for example, the terminology banks will ensure the right medical term, or brand-name, or technical publication is being used. 

Terminology Management

Simple Workflow Management

LinguaHub enables client access to our Translation Management System. You’ll have a personalized and secure website dedicated to your specific tasks. You can submit and receive projects, track progress and instantly know where you stand in terms of spend and timeframes. .

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