Success in Preparation

Preparing your content prior to translation is one of the best opportunities for cost-saving, process-efficiencies and above all, the clarity of your content. lt’s also the place to avoid offending your target audience! So, in preparing source content, ask yourself:

  1. Is it riddled with US-centric and cultural references? Sometimes the best approach is to create separate content that is devoid of any voice or style at all! lt won’t be pretty to read, but that won’t matter: once it has been translated, the post-edit process will ensure it resonates in the target locale.
  1. Graphics: should they be localized? What about tagging? Cultural relevance? Link to blogs? Too often the translated content starts out beautifully, only to slowly disappear with each click until the viewer finds themselves back in the source language.

How MondragonLingua handles your translation projects​

MondragonLingua can help with these questions, and ensure your translations are effective. Be it informal-review prior to submission, post-edit review, or a deep-dive into the source before anything else happens, we can help!

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