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Translation Memory (TM)

“The Holy Trifecta of Content is the intersection of managed terminology, structured authoring, and translation memory. If you have these three components of content under control, your content will be easier to read in every language, easier to translate, easier to locate, and easier to create.”

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Translation memories are portable , and always remain the property of the client
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Keeping up with advances in TM management and passing those savings on to the client goes to the heart of any good relationship
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A powerful database of all of your previously-translated content, the TM continues to grow from project to project, driving down your translations costs and helping to speed delivery
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The long-tail of good TM

If you’re considering Machine Translation, a well-managed TM will greatly improve the quality of the output.

For more insights, the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) has some great articles.

TM = Process Efficiency & Cost Savings

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